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We are committed to ensuring that the research we do translates into positive change and action in our communities. To do this, we develop resources and community engagement models that are evidenced informed and dedicated to improving the health of racialized women.  


To know more about these resources please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! 

Know Your Status:

Know Your Status is a current study that aims to encourage and support HIV testing among ACB women. The study included a community-based pilot HIV testing program that took testing services out of the clinic and into local settings where ACB women socialize. 


The project also worked with a number of community-based organizations to build their capacity to offer testing services in ways that are relevant and accessible for ACB women. 

The Know Your Status video was created to share the results of this pilot and mobilize community action.

No one should have the fear of getting HIV tested and no one should be stopped from having the information they need to make an informed choice


-Marvelous Muchenje, WHIWH 


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